New Puntland President named a 18 cabinet on Sunday night

New Puntland President named a 18 cabinet on Sunday night
By Yussuf haret

Garowe (NSH)-The President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni has named aleaner cabinet as somalia’s northeastern oil-rich region attempts to establish its first one person, one vote election in 2023, after two decades of aclan-based elections, a local radio station reports.

Deni on Sunday night announced the appointment of 18 cabinet ministers, downsizing the executive from the previous 20 in the government whose mandate ended last January.

The president appointed one female ministers, in this 18- member cabinet who will lead the ministry of women.

1- Awil Sheikh Hashi – Minister of justice and religious affairs.
2- Hassan Shire Abgaal – Minister of finance.
3- Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabanad – Minister of of interior.
4- Abdisamad Mohmed Gallan- minister of security.
5- Abdiqafaar Elmi – Minister of planning and international relationship.
6- Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan – Minister of Education.
7- Jama Farah Hassan – Minister of Health.
8- Ahmed Bashir Muse – Minister of Public works.
9- Mohamed Abdi Osman – Minister of Ports.
10- Hussein Osman Gibiley – Minister of public works and airports.
11- Amina Hajii Osman- Minister of Women.
12- Ali Hassan Ahmed – Minister of information.
13- Said Osman Adan – Minister of Livestock.
14- Ismail Dirie Gamadid – Minister of Agriculture.
15- Abdullahi Abdi Hersi – Minister of Commerce.
16- Farah Mohamud Awash- Minister of Fisheries.
17- Jama Farah Muse -Minister of labour, youth and sports.
18-Ahmed Mohamed Yussuf – Minister of water and energy.

The cabinet which awaits final approval from parliament expected to help the president pursue his multi-faceted reforms aimed at realizing the vision of turning Puntland into an economic stable before his five years expires.